Cultural Tour in Samtskhe-Javakheti


Vardzia is a monastery complex cut out in a rock. It was created in  XII-XIII centuries. Vardzia is located in Javakheti region, 30 kilometers away from Aspindza, on the left bank of river Mtkvari, the height is 1300 meters. Vardzia was used as a fortress to defend from enemies. There were some pharmacies in the complex as well.




Rabati Castle is located in Akhaltsikhe. The castle was built in IX century. It was restorated in 2011-2012. The whole complex covers 7 hectares and includes: the castle itself, museum, a mosque, a madrassa, a IX century  Orthodox church, a citadel and Turkish baths.




Borjomi is located on 800-900 meters from sea level. Borjomi is famous for its mineral water. Despite not big height there is specific air in Borjomi. The reason to this is that Borjomi is located in ravine, surrounded by green mountains, at confluence of three rivers: Mtkvari, Borjomula and Gujaretistskali.




Price includes:



Entrance fee and local guide at Vardzia Museum

Entrance fee and local guide at Rabati castle



Total price per/person:

In case of 1-6 persons – from 85 GEL

In case of 7-15 persons – from 70 GEL